About the author

Hello, I am the Flying Dog Fish. You probably wonder where I got this weird name? Well, I can only blame it on my alter ego. He claims that during a particularly boring course at the university, he drew a strange being with a dog's head, a snake's body, a fish tail and wings. He apparently called it the Flying Dog Fish because he somehow got this silly idea that it looked like one. How I came to life and how I evolved can be seen at the animations page.

My real world avatar and alter ego goes by the name of Marko Kavčič. I was born and I am living in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenija, a beautiful country in the heart of the old continent.

I got a degree of "University Dipl. Ing. of Computer and Information Science" at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science of University in Ljubljana. I make a living as a computer programmer. I can talk to computers in computer languages called C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Java, Pascal, Delphi, Perl, Basic, ksh, bash, JavaScript, SQL and probably a few more I can't think of right now. I have almost completely forgotten how to talk to them in assembler, Prolog, Fortran, Modula 2, Oberon, GPSS and PL/0 and have probably also forgotten some of the names of the languages I have forgotten how to talk to computers with. I am pretty sure I can learn how to talk to them in any other computer language there is. I also don't get scared by acronyms such as HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS, RSS, DOM, ASP, JSP, CGI, IIS, STL, .NET, CLR, WSDL, SDK, J2SE, J2EE, JRE, EJB, JSF, VRML,...

As you might have mostly guessed from the contents of this site, my hobbies include (or have at some time included) designing web pages, digital photography, photography manipulation, computer graphics, 3D rendering and animation, designing computer games, writing stories, collecting interesting rocks, reading, watching movies and tv (preferably science fiction) and even playing computer games. You can check how successful my hobbies are for yourself by looking around the site. In fact, this is the whole purpose of the site.

If you by any chance wish to contact the author despite of all the geekiness above, send a mail to flyingdogfish at gmail dot com. If you wish others to see you are a fan (or indifferent or even a complete opposite of fan), you are welcome to post a comment below.


Hey hey...let me start the comments in this great site of a great virtual friend... By the way, nice history...I can give some more computer languages to put here...every good programmer can learn any language like you said... You forgot to mention that you like to spend you time playing with NitroRiders as a hobbie too...best players ever! Have a nice day!

Hey FDF, nice site! I really like the photos.

I had a nice time perusing around your website :)

ooh this page is really old it feels like stumbling upon some ancient place for the first time. don't mind me nosing around, this is a really interesting page!