3D Game Maps

Here's a small collection of maps for some popular games I've created over the years. Making game maps is rather similar to making 3D scenes, except that the tools are a bit limited. The advantage is that you can actually walk and run and jump and shoot bad guys inside a world you created yourself.

The maps are listed here in reverse chronological order. These are the final versions, since we moved on to better games. But who knows, maybe there will be some maps for some newer games here soon.

If you have any comments about the maps below, use the contact form or leave some comments below.

Unreal Tournament

DM - Cloud Castle

CTF - Cloud Castle

DM - Space Henge

Duke Nukem 3D

The Moon Crater


The Round Canyon

Flying Dog Fish's Duke Match Level Number 1


Flying Dog Fish's Death Match DooM II. Series

  • Version 1.64 (21st April 1999, 18 levels)
  • I tried to create a few DooM II DeathMatch levels, with the sole purpose of dooming and being doomed by some of my friends over a null-modem cable. Playtesting shows a complete success.
  • Detailed description
  • Zipped levels (228k)


My first DooM wad

  • This is my little DooM I. pwad I made just for fun. I've even aligned the textures. There's one level with two secret areas almost impossible to find.
  • Detailed description
  • Zipped level (January 1995, 31k)
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