The Flying Dog Fish welcomes real and virtual visitors of all trademarks and species to his web exhibit. You can lean your spaceboard against the wall, you can park your spaceship around the corner, you can tie all your space-dwelling pets at the streetlamp, it doesn't really matter, they will surely wait for you while you take a look around.

This web exhibit provides space for its author to exhibit a small selection of his creations. These include photos taken with digital still cameras, 3D renderings, manipulated photos and other computer art, games for Android and PC, game related stuff, literary attempts and whatever other creations the author deems worthy of your attention. The selection of the exhibited creations is dynamic, it shall grow and shrink as the author reevalues their worthiness. The source is far from depleted and is always growing, so remember to visit again and again.

Right now the author is in the "add a new photo every day" phase, so visiting once a day is recommended. Smaller version of the photos are posted right here on the front page along with links to the actual gallery where you can see them in higher resolution with descriptions, so don't be afraid to click on any of them.


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