I managed to acquire the .com version of my domain. My precioussssssss! :P
I'll take this opportunity to thank some domain name backorder spammers.

The domain was registered 10 years and 81 days ago for 10 years by some bloke who never used it for anything. He probably got a discount for registering it for 10 years. Because of him I had to register instead.
The first spam from InTrust Domains came last week when went into "pending delete" status. They tried making me submit some form with contact info and make an offer for the domain. They would probably make me participate in an auction against some fictious characters and make me pay some serious cash for something that would be available for free in 5-6 days anyway. Of course, I ignored them and after the second email from the on the next day I opted out of their emails so they must have assumed I'm not interested. These guys are sneaky, but not sneaky enough for me. Some
The second spam from pdncomp came after the domain was purged from "pending delete" status, trying to sell me the now completely free domain for 100$. That prompted me to go check the whois info on the domain, which turned no info so I just went ahead and registered the domain myself with a different registrar. These guys are not sneaky at all, but I guess some people would still fall for them.