I really, really hate daylight savings time. I mean, what's the bloody point of making everyone wake up an hour early?

Longer day, you say? Don't make me laugh, the day has just the same lenght regardless of if it's from 6am to 6pm or 7am to 7pm.
Less energy for lighting in the evening at the office, you say? Don't make me laugh even more. By the same logic you could say more energy for heating in the morning and more energy for air conditioning at home in the evening.
Pointless confusing two times a year? That's rather good, but it's also a bit wrong, it's many times a year because the start and end of daylight savings time differ from country to country and in some countries even from year to year.
DST is responsible for a lot of damage. The cost of software maintenance, failures, accidents and even disasters of catastrophic failure because of bugs in DST handling software, reorganizing and printing new train/plane/tv/sport event schedules every time some country enters or exits DST, even worse because of the changes the dates of entering and exiting DST is astronomical compared to the supposed benefits. Let's not even mention the stress this puts on people.
I say do away with the DST! I try to do away with DST in my life every year by ignoring the clock moving backward (and coming to work an hour early by other people's standards) but I always fail to keep that up by new year, making the autumn return to normal time very gradual, but leaving the spring jump to DST a shock.
Actually, let's throw away the concept of local time altogether. Let's put every clock on GMT+0. This way, everyone has the same time and scheduling a meeting with someone on the other side of the world very easy and calculating time difference. And let people decide for themselves at what hour they want wake up and at what hour to go to bed, taking in account at what time they must start and stop working, which is decided by companies taking in account other companies and of course, the country they are in.