This is the place where the Flying Dog Fish presents his photos, manipulated photos, videos, games for Android and PC and any other creations of his that he deems worthy of your attention. A new photo is presented here every day. Click on it to visit it in the gallery, where it is described and available in higher resolution.

FDF's Minefield is coming to a Google Play near you soon

FDF's Minefield Adventure for Android has been in development for a long time now. It's about as feature-complete as it's gonna get now, it only requires some final touches, but those often prove to be the hardest.  Of course, the game is getting it's own page around here real soon too, with everyhing from instructions to gameplay videos to tips&tricks. Stay tuned for details. You can even contact me through the contact form if you want to beta-test it.

And we're back

The exhibit is back online now. The design still requires some attention though. The gallery shall return in a day or two too, but it unfortunately won't be embedded with the rest of the site as the otherwise awesome new version of Gallery (3) can't be embedded yet. The author apologizes for the inconvenience.

Azi's Turbo Worm

A friend of mine just released his awesome snake game on Google Play (ex Android Market). It's got huge playing fields and nice retro graphics. The snake moves around with incredible smoothness. This is a must for all snake lovers out there and something great to pass your time by when you're waiting for something and only got your phone with you. And I should know it's great, I've been the lead Quality Assurance and a Consultant on this one, at least according to the credits.

A new photo every day

In the last 10 days I tried adding a new photo from my extensive collection to the photo exhibit every single day. And, surprise, surprise, I did accomplish that on all of those 10 days.
And from now on, at least one new photo shall be added to the exhibit every single day, except, of course, on the days when I won't be able to get to a computer, but I might compensate for that.
I hope you'll enjoy seeing them all.

Chocolatey new year

So our insignificant little planet completed another turn around its insignificant little G-type star in an insignificant spiral arm of an insignificant little galaxy in an insignificant little cluster of galaxies in a humongous universe? Why should we care? Oh, you can get chocolate from people for free just because of it? In that case, I wish you a very chocolatey new year.

Autumn is here

Actually, autumn has been around for a while, but it just came to this web exhibit a few minutes ago. You can find it in the menu or by following this link. I hope you'll enjoy looking at it.


Sometimes reality just isn't enough. That's when people turn to digital image manipulation (usually called photoshopping after the most known image manipulation program). You might have noticed "Photoshops" in the site menu. Believe it or not, that's where some of my photoshopping attempts shall end up from now on.

It's a Lensbaby, baby

Some weeks ago I got myself a Lensbaby Composer. That's a special lens that gives you great control over your focus area. Let's not waste words on it, just look at the video explanation on the official site of how this thing actually works.
Anyway, I just love playing with this thing. I've still got to a lot to learn on how to use it properly, but the first image worthy of showing has been added to the gallery.